Integrated "Management Information System"

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Integrated "Management Information System"

in the outsourcing services company's) TPL)

The evolution of management information system, ERP - (enterprise resource planning) left little behind the development of warehouse managing software's and inventory managing.

Most of the ERP software's handled inventory and inventory transactions (logistic) only in general and only in basic tools.

With the development and changing in consumers habits, organizations were pressed to deliver effectively and efficiently - and inexpensively - More in Less, it causes an increasing demands to develop software's and to give a better solutions in handling mass of data in warehouse's.

The need for a better solution led to develop of Warehouse Managing System - WMS.

WMS systems evolved as separate entities and have given an answer and a good solution for managing mostly large warehouses, handled motions and solve problems dealing with masses of information and optimization, these systems dealt mainly in current information.

Unlike ERP systems who could record and store information, could plan ahead and activate processes like MRP (Material Requirements Planning).

Also in ERP a logistical movement always leads to a financial response, In WMS systems there isn't any financial respond.

Naturally it became necessary for org' to add WMS systems to their ERP system, This was done mostly by interfaces between the systems.

The information system delivered the data and the WMS sys' gave the performance and comes up with the optimization required to manage the warehouse's, The data return back by interface and the movements recorded there (in some cases it stays on the WMS).

So far everything sounds good isn't it ? well... actually no.

There were and there is problems, in some cases companies have begun to develop a third system that interchange data between the systems (EDI Electronic Data Interchange)
In most cases, inventory gaps formed between the systems, the problem is further exacerbated where required management reports and dates movements as characteristic to TPL companies, in these cases even more serious problem accord, the needs to price movements, to price time and other activities that characterize work in the TPL.

In Managment information systems, The concept of good or best relates only to what meets the needs.

The Managment information system or a WMS system are just tools, They should match the mission had intended in the most efficient and effective way = WHAT BEST MEETS THE NEEDS.


The Ultimate thing, Especially for TPL companies - are an integrated system that addresses all the information produced and inventory management and warehouse movements.
And more importantly - creates synchronized Billing.

Billing is at the heart of an organization whose economy based in logistics and distribution for others.


In a system that designed to use in TPL - required to carry out - on the basis of existing - additions that prepare her for treating and responding to activity, with respect the need, in order to be able to price actions and do the billing, resulting from storage and operations, all based on existing tools that already exist on the ERP and make everything extremely efficient and effective and surly meets the needs.

Here are the steps needed to complete and to prepare the sys' for a TPL organization, all in order to carry out the billing and the activates that so special for them.





Opening a customer account

with TPL organization actually has a different approach to the customer, considering that the products stored are actually his and the supply orders same as receiving is technically from him, the supply is usually for his customers, same with the inventory, we will manage it for their clients.


We will establish an agreement for every customer, the agreement will be made with respect to debit transactions, debit transactions derived by storage and movements performed, all accordance with the contract.
Logistic flows will caused to a financial response and will charge (Billing) the clients according to the agreement with him.

We will open items for the clients the same as they are managed in there systems, we will strive to keep the information according to the agreement with him, including: the volume and contents, weight, sizes and other relevant information for each item.


We will open interfaces Reception for the products, and perform billing and automated reporting activities with the goods that received, we will get the goods while performing conventions - and charge for these activities under the agreement with him as implemented and will be reflected in the system and on his automated bill.


Reception interfaces will be made according to the needs and products and will enable Managing doses and expiration dates, also serial numbers where needed and etc', at the end of the receiving process, will automatically debit actions resulting from the reception, all as agreed with the our customers.



Warehousing operations and inventory movements

For reasons of efficiency the inventory will storage in a defined area for the customer, all refer to the appropriate storage strategy.
Customer inventory management will be an overall perspective with warehouse management and with a comprehensive view with respect and understanding the picking operations.

The storage pricing will act automatically according to the customer agreement and according to the information available on the duration and item data and the agreement.

Handling customer orders

we will Create an interface to receive the orders and will pick according to the delivery date, Gathering all picking tasks to end in the specific loading dock and be with appropriate shipping label that bearing the name and address of the end client, Any such action will be integrated automated billing operation in accordance with the customer agreement, billing for storage picking and ales.


Preparation and distribution shipping or supply.

the end of picking will carried the act of preparation for delivery, delivery means supply according to the agreement with the customer, whether delivered to the customer, the customer's customer or distribution to the end client, it will be carried automatically a billing action.


Billing Integration

Throughout the logistical movements and storage - will be carried in billing process according to the agreement.
The special and unique on this system as it is expressed in the billing actions that rely on the logistical (storage and movements) operations - are collecting and presenting at anytime and certainly submitting in the invoice to the customer without any author action.

Shaya Kalif (industrial and management) P.M.P priority programmer

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